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e-Mentor is a "challenge" project bringing together 9 partners from several backgrounds for being able to achieve its goals. Four countries, four completely different activity fields, but aiming to develop and benefit from the results of e-Mentor.

Based on the fact that women creativity and entrepreneurial potentials are an under-exploited source of economic growth and jobs that should be further developed, this project targets young women who are about to graduate and either dedicated to become entrepreneurs, or they will join/take over their family businesses. Project aims to establish a proper entrepreneurship mentoring model for these young women considering two significant dimensions:

- One is the obvious need for mentoring for such young entrepreneur,

- Second is the need for a mentor, if family business taker young woman will loose the opportunity to receive the planned mentoring support because of health problems or unexpected death of former generation who has been supposed to transfer all existing background of family business.

Welcome and enjoy!..

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